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Episode 58

Valerian and the Fifth Element

In search for the creative and entertaining space we turn our heads towards Luc Besson and his two intergalactic movies.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on25th January 2019
Episode 38

The Incredible Shrinking Man

As the main character shrinks its way into oblivion, Aharon and Liisa examines the themes behind this particular science fiction fantasy.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd August 2017
Episode 37


Examination of Denis Villeneuve’s career is continued with interest when Aharon and Liisa puts out on the table his first step into the science fiction.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on8th August 2017
Episode 28

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

After half a year of waiting for the dvd from the library Liisa finally gets to see STAR WARS: FORCE AWAKENS.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on13th December 2016
Episode 22


Finally Aharon gets to sit down and open up about one of his hardest dilemmas about a movie in recent years, the fact that he didn’t like Bong Joon-ho’s acclaimed SNOWPIERCER as much as everyone else appear to do. He brings the question in front of Liisa who hopefully can help him solve the problem of swimming upstream.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on17th September 2016
Episode 13

The Martian

At first glance THE MARTIAN seemed just another Hollywood blockbuster, but it became to be just what Aharon needed to see and he really wants to tell about it to Liisa.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd March 2016
Episode 11

Terminator Genisys

To be able to comprehend Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to his robotic character as old grey shirted “pops”, Aharon and Liisa is joined by Olli who happened to have a long history following Arnold through his movies, bodybuilding and business career, which enables us to have a fresh look into everybody’s favorite killing machine.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on26th November 2015