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James Bond

Episode 44

James Bond Copycat Movies

We return to the topic of James Bond with special guest Vincent Gebruers to discuss the many number of movies that have copied the formula that made the British action hero so iconic.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd January 2018
Sidetrack 2

Spectre (part 2)

Aharons and Vincents discussion about SPECTRE continues after a thrilling cliffhanger

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on15th April 2016
Sidetrack 2

Spectre (part 1)

Departing again from the usual podcasting Aharon is joined by a long time Bond fan Vincent Gebruers to discuss the conclusion of Daniel Graig’s Bond in SPECTRE

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on
Episode 12

The Extraordinary Adventures of Bond, Hugo & Adèle

Aharon could not imagine in his wildest dreams what Liisa had in her mind when she told him she wanted to talk about the new Bond movie SPECTRE in the same context with Martin Scorsese’s HUGO and Luc Besson’s eccentric ADÈLE BLANC-SEC.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on6th December 2015