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Episode 55


We explore the fine tastes of Darren Aronofsky’s anthropomorphized melodrama flavoured with bible stories.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on13th November 2018
Episode 52

The Wicker Man (2006)

Still in the spirit of May Day we return to the Summerisle in Nicolas Cage’s THE WICKER MAN.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on8th May 2018
Episode 51

The Wicker Man (1973)

We celebrate May Day by rewatching Robind Hardy’s and Anthony Shaffer’s masterpiece THE WICKER MAN.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd April 2018
Episode 29

Train to Busan

Aharon and Liisa unite with Olli to see if the South Korean zombie flick TRAIN TO BUSAN won the hearts of their differing feelings towards zombie movies..

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on5th January 2017
Episode 19


Moving on to the third vampire movie in the series of four, Aharon and Liisa opens the gates for all of the possible dark and dualistic natures that incorporates the human condition in Park Chan-wook’s 2009 THIRST.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd July 2016
Episode 17

Let The Right One In

In the first part in the series of four Aharon and Liisa get to go deep into the anticipated subject of vampires. A topic that came to Aharon as surprising and sudden as it inspired Liisa to study them. To understand this unusual interest it is fitting to open up the upcoming series with Tomas Alfredson’s Swedish film LET THE RIGHT ONE IN.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on6th July 2016