In the honor of Daniel Graig supposedly concluding his Bond arc with Spectre I dived deep into his characters story in the previous three movies in order to prepare myself with the emotional package which was to come. I was fortunate to have in the family a very dear friend who happened to be a huge Bond fan. With Vincent the whole experience of watching Bond movies had an extra level of fascination. It wasn’t a hard decision to ask if he would like to do a podcast related to watching Spectre and amazingly he agreed. We recorded our discussion about a week after seeing the movie in theaters when it came out (that being in November) at his apartment. Because of the environment has a lot of everyday noises and music in the background. As you might have known from the title, we had so many things to talk about that the conversation went on for around three hours. It has so many interesting topics and ideas we touch on that I separated it into to parts, instead of cutting it into a short one episode. Because I watched all three previous Bond movies our range of discussion easily extends into analyzing the whole scope of Daniel Graig’s Bonds,  comparing all the previous Bond movies and relating all this to Ian Fleming’s books. We try to give also our thoughts on Spectre. Spoiler warning: We talk quite openly about the story line in Spectre, so it will be spoiled if you have not seen it yet. We also talk about the previous Graig Bond movies, but less in comparison to the latest. So I don’t think our details would spoil those movies.


  • [00:00] – Intro & did Aharon like the movie
  • [03:50] – Comparing old & new
  • [14:20] – Little bit about the spectacle of Spectre
  • [19:05] – Bond as a superhero male fantasy
  • [23:40] – How does the fantasy play out in Spectre
  • [26:25] – Daniel Graig’s apperance
  • [30:05] – Graig’s Bond throughout his portrayal
  • [39:10] – Plot methods
  • [43:00] – The great terrifying scene in Spectre
  • [46:30] – About the villain
  • [50:50] – How satisfied is Vincent with the conclusion of Graig’s Bond
  • [56:30] – Vincent’s theory in the possible continuum between all Bond movies
  • [59:50] – Analysis of Blofeld as a villain
  • [1:29:00] – The linking with previous Graig movies and how to take in all the details
  • [1:40:00] – Aharon does not know what he wants from Bond
  • [1:44:20] – Let’s give some credits to the father
  • [1:48:40] – The strength of Bond movies
  • [1:53:30] – A question about the restrictions of the cinematic Bond universe