“Is this the new one? Why it looks so old?”

My mother waited for the dvd of Star Wars: Force Awakens for half a year. When I saw it on top of her pile I knew it was a podcast discussion not to miss. So we saw it and talked about right after! I  could not wait to hear her opinions about the imaginary adventure action for the new generation. The last time she saw Star Wars when she went with my brother to see the last two of the originals in the theaters.

Amazingly our talk expands from just about Star Wars to the magic of cinema in general. We share thoughts about generations of movie goers and open up about our very first memories of going to the movies.

Spoilers: We talk openly spoilers, but by now it would have been probably hard for you to avoid them anyway.


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [03:30] – Aharons cinema experience
  • [09:00] – Liisa’s library waiting list
  • [13:00] – Dennis Lehane
  • [15:20] – Liisa was Harrison Ford
  • [21:00] – What about the other actors
  • [22:45] – Finnish Chewbacca
  • [25:50] – Liisa’s history with Star Wars
  • [29:25] – Music
  • [32:00] – Adam Driver
  • [33:45] – Daisy Ripley is the new Luke
  • [42:55] – The robots
  • [44:00] – Luke Skywalker and that charming green man with pointed ears
  • [45:45] – Hidden Fortress
  • [47:40] – The reality behind disbelief
  • [50:40] – How the young people now see this?
  • [54:15] – Feminism and the Mary Sue discussion
  • [01:02:30] –  The origin of Toshiro Mifune
  • [01:06:00] – The origin of our movie passion
  • [01:12:50] – What Star Wars means for cinema

Movies and writers and actors we mention: