On the fourth episode on the topic of vampires we step little bit backwards and look at an older movie that made it into my mothers top four vampire movies. Next to being the oldest and most traditional in its lore, it happens to be also the only comedy.

Filled with the master filmmakers personal interests, such as fun winter activities and sports, and careless humor supported by fake makeup it is a fascinating production that perfectly completes our vampire topic. Even though this time me and my mother may not be on the same ground on all of the details…



  • [00:00] – Introduction to the film
  • [06:30] – The story
  • [17:30] – Love for the characters
  • [43:00] – Alfred and the father-son theme
  • [48:15] – Aharons problem with Polanski’s acting
  • [53:00] – The ball scene
  • [55:15] – Aharon drops the bomb
  • [59:10] – Difference between the UK & United States releases
  • [1:05:40] – About the difference of taste
  • [1:15:40] – A story about Tony Leung
  • [1:19:20] – Ending the vampire series and final thoughts

Movies we mention