I think we can admit for sure that there are no spoilers in this podcast, except for the core meaning of the movie (if in case you are that kind of person who likes to find these things by yourself).


  • The Shining / Room 237
  • The difference between Kubrick and Kim Ki-duk
  • Deeper into Arirang
  • Akward silence
  • Nightcrawler
  • People talk too much about movies
  • Antiheroes
  • La Grande Bellezza
    • People compare it to Fellini
    • The problem
    • The not point to the movie
    • Aharon defends his association with passion
    • Aharons favourite moment (spoiler free)
    • The ending (spoiler free)
    • The search of beauty in ugly nun
    • The funeral
    • It’s a simple movie
    • The home palaces
    • New and old
  • Aharon’s point system
  • Round up and the oscars and what Liisa saw
  • Freedom to do something great

Movies we mention: