The very physical work of Chan-wook Park, to whom most of the audience is famous from Oldboy, has won over my mothers admiration over and over again. But it really culminated with the mix of vampirism and family/household drama Thirst.

Our series on vampires takes an interesting turn from the previous quiet and  more slow paced vampire dramas as we discuss a movie which at first hand feels all over the place, but manages to feel natural enough in its chaos to discuss multiple levels of topics. And on top of that do a satisfying vampire flick.


  • [00:00] – It’s absurd and crazy just because life is absurd and crazy
  • [05:40] – What is Thirst about?
  • [15:20] – The girl and the connection with Bande à part
  • [24:50] – How the movie can balance an incredible amount of themes
  • [29:30] – The characters and
  • [35:00] – The source material and the right attitude to view the movie
  • [39:50] – Characterization of the vampires
  • [45:15] – Why Liisa thinks this is the best “vampire movie”?
  • [54:10] – Joann Sfar’s Vampire
  • [59:00] – A funny story about Pedro Almodóvar
  • [1:07:00] – The points and critism
  •  [1:16:45] – The South Korean directors

Movies and comics we mention