Continuing with the vampire genre after Let The Right One In, which brought us closer to our home environment and culture, we explore the spiritual and social concepts in the 2013 drama Only Lovers Left Alive and why exactly this movie sparked my mothers mind.

We get to analyze the movie from its characters, themes, locations, music and even its name to the unique filmmaker behind the wheel. Also my mother reveals a surprising history between Finland and Tangier.

For people who have not seen the movie yet, rest assured with this movie we don’t give away any crucial plot details, just so you know.

Paloma Faith
Source: Helsingin Sanomat This is the Paloma Faith picture my mother was talking about. In this context she indeed becomes quite creepy.


  • [00:00] – Revisiting our previous episode
  • [02:45] – Exploring vampires without sexuality at its core
  • [06:55] – About Jim Jarmusch and the story
  • [14:20] – Humanistic vampires
  • [20:00] – Individual position in society
  • [21:10] – Tilda Swinton and Tom Hiddelston and their characters
  • [25:40] – Why Tangier is familiar to every Finnish person
  • [31:35] – The joke, the sister and sophisticated vampires
  • [38:15] – The coolness and playfulness of Jim Jarmusch
  • [41:55] – About the name
  • [48:05] – About the historical people in the story
  • [56:30] – The reason for Yasmine Hamdan’s concert
  • [1:05:50] – The theme of the ending and a story about an old woman
  • [1:13:15] – The points
  • [1:15:10] – Something light to end

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