Liisa has never been really into the classic horror genre and least of all into such a  ridiculous theme as vampires. So I was kind of shocked when I heard that my mother is suddenly really into these gothic nightcrawlers. I gave her a list of all the vampire films I could think of and she watched all of them. Understandably I could not wait to hear what she got out it.

From all them we chose four that stood out to her to discuss on the podcast. So this will be a short series of four episodes concentrating on the vampire genre. The first of them being about the 2008 Swedish bully movie Let The Right One In.

Most notably we include the American remake Let Me In for comparison, but also we talk about the Swedish setting and how it relates to our home environment, memories related to vampires and bullying and not to mention of course the usual break down of the film’s thematic concepts.

Even thou we will not go into details about the events of the story, we do talk about the ending in overall. So if you are super serious about spoilers then it would be recommended that you see the movie first before listening the episode.  

Episode timeline

  • [00:00] – Intro and how we got into talking about vampires
  • [05:10] – The usage of vampires in stories
  • [09:30] – The synopsis of Let The Right One In
  • [12:45] – Androgynous characteristic of the vampire
  • [15:50] – The american remake, Let Me In
  • [22:05] – The caretaker
  • [25:00] – The Swedish setting
  • [28:50] – Balance of superstition and evil
  • [35:40] – Theory about the real agenda behind the vampire
  • [41:20] – The child actors
  • [48:15] – Memories of vampires and bullying
  • [53:25] – Back to the points

Movies we mention