Now after long passed its theatrical lifespan and even the Oscar spotlight, our podcast about Ridley Scott’s sci-fi adventure is finally edited and online. Our discussion was recorder in November when the movie was in the theaters just after Aharon saw the movie and was excited to share his thoughts about it. In the podcast we talk about survival (or “fiasko”) movies and how The Martian seems to take a different kind of look at it. There is also a personal connection with the movie so the reasons why Aharon saw this movie and how it affected him will take a major role in the discussion. We also go deeper into the origin of the movie and talk also about all the scientifically impossible circumstances, as if we would understand anything of it. This time our goal was to keep it short, so we don’t get to end it properly and the talk might close up suddenly. At least we still don’t have a intro music and we don’t know how to start or end our conversation anyway.


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [01:20] – Fiasko movies like Gravity and Everest
  • [05:20] – Why Aharon became interested in the movie
  • [13:35] – What the movie is about
  • [17:15] – The original blog that the movie is based on
  • [20:00] – The Hollywood aspect of the movie
  • [25:00] –  Other modern hard science movies
  • [27:40] – How to funnly solve our problems
  • [33:43] – The things in the story that are supposedly not possible in real life

Movies we mention