“Why the young terminator did not act like a terminator and instead acted like a hulk?”

While anticipating the new Terminator movie we realized that we had the amazing opportunity to actually talk about Arnold with someone to whom he has been an idol in the fields of bodybuilding and business, not to mention growing up with all his movies. Aharons brother and Liisa’s first born son Olli is our families full blown Arnold fan who has always seen the best in him. When he is not in the gym himself he spends his time working on cool award winning games like Legend Of Grimrock. Thanks to him we get to have an unseasoned flavor to our podcast with some great insight into why we love Arnold so much. Not to mention his brilliant contribution with his digital painting (you heard me right, it is a painting!) of the terminator in action! For example we dwell quite a bit into Arnold’s career like for example how he acts with his body and muscles and how he got guided by a certain gun slider legend. Among our other topics include analyzing the “young Arnold” scene, the new type of terminator, nostalgic references, use of music, style of science-fiction, and how does the original author fits in with the evolution of sequels. Liisa also goes deeply into the reasons why to even spend time looking at Arnold’s movies and Olli analyzes the values that has made Arnold the portrait of the “working hard success story”. At the end we have a classical investigation about what makes a “quality movie”, which basically turns into “I know best” kind of debate. Having three separate connections open for the recording we inevitably were confronted with internet problems. Around 40 min into the podcast Olli was apparently being attacked by Skynet which resulted into him understandably loosing the connection for a while. Thankfully he secured the premises and was up and talking with us again. So don’t mind that. It just shows how vulnerable these kind of recordings really are. Once again we don’t shy away about talking spoilers, but we basically only examine Terminator Genisys this deep, so you don’t have to worry about other movies being spoiled.


  • [00:00] – Introduction in which we wonder about the word “Genisys”
  • [02:45] – That scene where Arnold fights himself
  • [07:08] – Olli’s gives insight to the anatomy of digital Arnold
  • [10:55] – Commando and Arnold’s abilities in acting
  • [18:10] – Olli’s opinion on all the sequels
  • [20:45] – How Liisa sees the old Arnold and what Aharon would have wanted to see in Genisys
  • [22:15] – Back to sequels, James Cameron and what Genisys was going at
  • [30:25] – A point about Jurassic World, special effects and how the new movies parallel with the old ones
  • [33:50] – About the music
  • [36:15] – The references and the art of using familiar elements
  • [40:30] – Arnold with his gray shirt was something new
  • [41:45] – Arnold’s smile scene and something weird happens with Olli’s internet connection
  • [42:50] – Aharon and Liisa continues with talking about the other actors
  • [45:15] – Olli is back! With his opinion about the smile and the new terminator type
  • [48:10] – Aharons opinion about terminator types
  • [50:30] – The time traveling thing and science-fiction
  • [56:25] – Should The Terminator saga be continued?
  • [1:06:50] – About how convincing was the terminator in Genisys
  • [1:08:45] – Why to see Arnold in movies
  • [1:16:00] – Olli continues with analyzing Arnolds values
  • [1:21:45] – The points and deeper discussion about quality in movies

Movies we mention