My mother described Stéphane Brizé’s The Measure of a Man as the best movie of 2015. So naturally I got more and more interested about it. And sure enough it was nothing less than that. A minimal but truthful narration through the casual life of an unemployed man trying to find the means for himself and his family in France. It is a grand work speaking very quiet but saying so much.

We sat down to get to the bottom of the movie; Vincent Lindon, neorealism, the heavy subject matter, genius use of set pieces, morality, and the extremely important argument about if Thierry’s car and bungalow were meant to be portrayed as poor or not. My voice quality changes by the end, because our internet connection was lost suddenly and we had to try pick up the discussion when we got back online. I didn’t notice that my mic settings got rebooted so my voice is not the best. Sorry for that.

Spoilers: We talk about the story until the second half, but it is in overall very vague so you should be fine.

Photos from the movie

Thierry's car
Source: The Measure of a Man

Thierry’s car.

Thierry's bungalow park
Source: The Measure of a Man

A view of Thierry’s bungalow park.

Which one of these is the nicest holiday resort?


An idyllic Finnish holiday cabin by the lake.

A dull Belgian bungalow caravan park.

A miserable Finnish cabin house.

A charming bungalow park in Belgium.


  • [00:00] – Vincent Lindon
  • [08:06] – The director
  • [09:40] – Neorealism and Bicycle Thief
  • [15:30] – What are the values that you stand up to
  • [20:40] – The second half of the story
  • [27:20] – Mondays in the Sun
  • [32:00] – Aharon explains the brilliance of the interrogation scenes
  • [36:30] – The moral issue
  • [39:00] – “The law of the market”
  • [42:00] – His personal life
  • [45:20] – A world without cashiers
  • [50:00] – In the Basement and humanity
  • [54:15] – Comparison with refugees
  • [58:00] – Back to his personal life
  • [1:01:40] – The car and the summer house
  • [1:11:15] – Back to Vincent Lindon

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