By the time The Walking Dead started playing I got bored of zombies in pop culture. Then again my brother got a real kick for them along with The Walking Dead. And then there is our mother who has never seen a zombie in her life. So it was quite exciting when we found each other being really enthusiastic to go and see Yeon Sang-ho’s first live action movie Train to Busan.

It’s yet again another zombie movie, this time on a train  across South Korea with an ensemble of colorful characters. But it promised something much more than what we had in the west these past years. Join in to hear what we thought. Olli gives an explanation why zombie movies are like Finnish saunas and we get to hear how the zombie genre met the expectations of our mother, including her review of The Walking Dead pilot.

Spoilers: We don’t go into crucial parts of the story, so you can listen to the episode even if you have not seen the movie.


  • [00:00] – Introduction
  • [07:00] – What’s the premise
  • [12:30] – Zombie movies are like Finnish sauna
  • [15:50] – History of zombies
  • [21:50] – Reactions to horror
  • [24:10] – The director
  • [28:50] – Action set pieces
  • [31:00] – Super zombie or slow zombie?
  • [41:30] – Liisa’s favourite moment
  • [44:40] – Zombies and vampires
  • [46:30] – Liisa’s expectation of zombies
  • [53:30] – The little girl
  • [56:30] – The points
  • [1:04:00] – Being banned in China
  • [1:15:00] – Liisa’s opinion about The Walking Dead

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