This time we dwell into a subject matter that both me, or my mother, have no experience about: college in United States in the 1980’s.

Fortunately we are very familiar with the director, Richard Linklater, and his masterful career as a filmmaker. Upon viewing Everybody Wants Some!! we saw an opportunity to open a discussion on his films and how this particular movie represents his thematic and stylistic motifs. Next to Linklater we explore High School movie tropes and nostalgia in movies.

Spoilers: We do reveal the end scene, so be aware.


  • [00:00] – Linklater’s origin and nostalgia
  • [15:25] – High School archetypes
  • [29:00] – Sketch structure
  • [34:00] – Matthew McConaghey
  • [40:00] – Deconstruction of an arc
  • [45:15] – Old Cary Grant films
  • [48:15] – Linklater’s ouvre
  • [55:00] – Mixing up in movies
  • [1:00:15] – The ending

Movies we mention