After discussing in depth about Spectre with Vincent Gebruers, we spend a lot of times entertaining ourselves in all topics about Bond. One of the continuous comments that caught my interest was when certain movies were referred to as “James Bond copy cat movies”. This came up most notably whenever we dared mention the Mission Impossible series, which has a conflictive history with Vincent.

So we decided to get together (with Liisa also this time) and see how far the rabbit hole we can go tracing back action/gentleman/spy movies to their original British influence. After getting through the obvious Tom Cruise example, we take the challenge to identify other ways the modern action movies have shaped themselves from Bond (and maybe even the other way around). The idea of how far or close other movies get to copying Bond is also fascinating subject in itself.

We met on the same table, but we had only one mic, so some voices might be more clear than others. We also had a tea dispenser next to the mic which you might hear couple of times, sorry for that.

Spoilers: We talk about a great number of movies, but not spoil any plot points in them.


  • [00:00] – Mission Impossible and Tom Cruise
  • [12:00] – What defines a James Bond style?
  • [23:00] – Jason Bourne
  • [29:30] – Is recent Bond inspired by other movies?
  • [37:00] – The Accountant
  • [46:00] – Bond Parodies
  • [1:06:00] – Kingsmen
  • [1:10:00] – Disorder
  • [1:25:00] – Closure

Movies and Books we mention