1st of May is around the corner and what would be a better way to celebrate Spring than talking about the greatest movie about the May Day, Robin Hardy’s masterpiece The Wicker Man (1973).

Me and my mother both really love this film and have been waiting for the right time to share our thoughts about it. We dive into the ambiguous definition of the films genre, various details about the making of the film and of course the amazing cast. The second half we devote for the deeper themes of this peculiar story. Why it is so serious about the old pagan traditions, how the battles of ideologies bring together the central point of the movie and how does the Garden of Eden fit into all this.


  • [00:00] – The genre of The Wicker Man
  • [13:00] – Multiple viewings
  • [15:00] – Filming locations
  • [19:45] – The Shaffer brothers
  • [21:30] – Cast
  • [26:00] – Sergeant Howie
  • [30:45] – The facade
  • [33:00] – The old traditions
  • [41:45] – The battle of ideologies
  • [55:20] – Closing thoughts

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