Continuing our tradition we entertain ourselves with the latest Academy Awards ceremony. Like last time we avoided the winner announcements and instead host our very own Oscar episode in which we go through selected categories and talk about our predictions and reveal the winner to each other as we go along.

This year we had complex feelings towards the nominated movies (and movies that weren’t nominated). Next to the overall Oscar talk we get to share our opinions, among other things, about Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, The Shape of Water and Dunkirk.

Spoilers: Unfortunately in order to speak our mind we have to reveal plot twists in Three Billboards and Dunkirk, so be aware.


In connection to Three Billboards I mention a Eddie Izzard sketch (which I try to repeat VERY poorly) and how it underlined my feeling while watching the movie.


  • [00:00] – Excluded movies
  • [07:00] – Original Song
  • [13:00] – Production design
  • [18:00] – Cinematography
  • [22:45] – Original screenplay
  • [26:00] – Foreign film
  • [31:00] – Animated feature
  • [39:30] – Director
  • [42:00] – Supporting actress
  • [46:00] – Supporting actor
  • [50:00] – Lead actress
  • [53:00] – Lead Actor
  • [56:00] – Best picture

Movies we mention

Besides the Oscar nominated movies we mention these: