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An ongoing podcast discussion jumping through various movies, filmmakers and time periods.

Episode 44

James Bond Copycat Movies

We return to the topic of James Bond with special guest Vincent Gebruers to discuss the many number of movies that have copied the formula that made the British action hero so iconic.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd January 2018
Episode 43


All the shades of HAPPINESS are explored in this second part of our examination of Todd Solondz’s career.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on13th January 2018
Episode 42


First part of in depth analysis on the themes and career of Todd Solondz, starting with his 2016 sad comedy WIENER-DOG.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on10th December 2017
Episode 41

Sidetrack: Silence

Aharon sidetracks from the usual schedule and continues to explore the theological views of Martin Scorsese’s epic religious problems in SILENCE with an expert on the subject.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on10th October 2017
Episode 40


It’s time to weigh in the heavy religious burdens of Martin Scorsese’s SILENCE.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on24th September 2017
Episode 39

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit

In which Liisa opens up to the fantasy genre and Aharon gets to talk about his love for a movie series that he does not really understand.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on31st August 2017
Episode 38

The Incredible Shrinking Man

As the main character shrinks its way into oblivion, Aharon and Liisa examines the themes behind this particular science fiction fantasy.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on22nd August 2017
Episode 37


Examination of Denis Villeneuve’s career is continued with interest when Aharon and Liisa puts out on the table his first step into the science fiction.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on8th August 2017
Episode 36

I, Daniel Blake

Aharon and Liisa discuss the absurdity of our society in the digital age in I, DANIEL BLAKE.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on20th March 2017
Episode 35

El Clan

Aharon and Liisa looks again into politically flavored historical backdrop and series of murders with 2015 drama EL CLAN.

Written byAharon Pelz
Posted on12th March 2017