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Miscellaneous topics expanding thoughts from the podcast discussions.

Thoughts on I, Daniel Blake

Some thoughts of Ken Loachʼs 2016 film I, DANIEL BLAKE, which left me with a feeling of emergency to act for our wellbeing, to write down my immediate notions.

Written byLiisa Hänninen-Pelz
Posted on19th December 2017

Scenes from Amour

During my art project of drawing kitchen scenes from movies I became more and more fascinated of Michael Haneke’s 2012 drama AMOUR and the extensive depiction of elderly life in the apartment.

Written byLiisa Hänninen-Pelz
Posted on19th December 2016

About Doing the Right Thing

Musings about racism in cinema industry and the Oscar galas in 2016 and past years. And why it is important to aspire to cinema as art form in spite of the wrongs in the world – and just because of it!

Written byLiisa Hänninen-Pelz
Posted on5th April 2016